COPPERAGETM offers high quality copper fittings, our professional team is focusing on the product's possibilities to meet client's demands. Our products are flexible, cost effective, healthy and ECO friendly.

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Products as connectors used for copper pipeline joint connection, fittings made of pure copper, brass and other copper alloys.

Plumbing Copper Fittings
Plumbing Fittings

COPPERAGE offers copper fittings for high end plumbing systems. Excellent anti corrosion performance makes the fittings easily fit complex environments with moisture & chemicals.

HVACR Copper Fittings
HVACR Fittings

Copper fittings are playing important role at heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration fields, because of their outsanding heat & electricity conductivity properties.

Medical & Gas Copper Fittings
Medical & Gas Fittings

COPPERAGE supplies clean & bagged copper fittings for pipelines as vessel of medical gases.